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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013!

So here we sit, opening the door on a new year! A few quick stats here before we begin tackling the goals for the year:

Caches found: 3575
Caches hidden: 22
Challenges completed: 75
TBs/Coins: 180
TBs/Coins discovered or moved: 1523
Cacher Stats rank (WI): 88th
Avg D/T: 1.89/1.8
US States: 14
US Counties: 140
WI Counties: 56
WI DeLorme pages: 51
FTFs: 148

Goals for 2013 1. Find GC1XHXR WRR 72 - Mountain Rd near Ripon to complete the Rustic Road Challenge. I've been working towards this for several years and now I'm finally down to the last cache I need.

2. Complete GC3PNKE by finding an EarthCache that starts with a "J". I've got several possiblities lined up including one in Joliet, IL on the way home from MOGA and one up near Duluth, MN to grab during our summer vacation along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

3. Continue to be active in CITO events, as I only need 3 more to complete GC1N4BP down in Busse Woods.

4. Search out qualifying caches for my double, triple & quad fizzy challenges as well as The 'Cheesy' Well Rounded Cacher! They are few and far between, but each one promises to be an adventure.

5. Lastly, just keep grinding away at puzzles so that one day I can log my find and join the 1K Puzzle Club! Considering the fact that I'm currently at only 386 puzzles found, it might be time to clear out my solve but unfound list a bit.

Mostly though, I want to keep having fun with friends and family on new and ever more challenging adventures! T5 icewalking, insane tree climbs, LCG & FTF runs, local events & Megas; it all sounds great. Hope everyone had a safe & fun New Years Eve and I'll check back in soon!

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