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Monday, January 21, 2013

Waukesha Janboree 2013

Saturday marked our 3rd annual visit to Waukesha to enjoy the Janboree events. It turned out to be a perfect day, with temps in the mid to upper 40's and we thoroughly enjoyed running around the area chasing the new caches as well as some older hides!

The lunch event at Mia's is always a hit with the kiddos, pizza and garlic bread....mmm! Unfortunately, this year the boys were tired and crabby so we didn't spend much time socializing. Kudos to AuntieNae, Doctor Dolittle & beccaday for all the effort they put into this years 'Scooby-Doo' theme. We ended the day with 20 finds and 3 DNFs on the 2 caches I most wanted to find.

The Breakdown:
1. When we arrived in town, our first stop was Cut-n-Cache, a nice urban ammo can hidden near La Estacion and Club 400. I can easily say that the burrito suizo at La Estacion is the best eats available in Waukesha. Made a surprising find on a Green Jeep at the cache - TB12Y3Z.

2. The Wild Brood was this monkey's dream cache of the day. As a member of The Wild Bunch, I'm glad to see that Becca & Ron took my suggestion for a couple of climbers in this year's selection of caches. The boys enjoyed the nearby playground while I quickly went up and signed us in.

3. After making the return to terra firma, we headed through the park to grab the other new cache nearby, Foul Play in Funland. A quick jaunt into the rough and we were signed in and ready to hit the road to Big Bend for an EarthCache.

4 & 5. "Big Bend Detour" - In my ongoing quest to finish the Z Challenge Trail in Eau Claire, we made a quick jaunt down to Big Bend to pick up an Igneous (Plutonic) type of EarthCache for EC Classification challenge. This puts me only 4 away from completing all types of EarthCache. On the way back towards Waukesha, I had to make a quick PNG to grab The Big Bend Hide.

6 & 7. Stopped along the southern end of the Fox River Parkway to grab a couple; managed Hoot 'n' Holler & Homage to the Muggled as well as DNFing The Tapps' Down By The River, which was ironic since someone with 6 finds apparently found it the same day. Go figure! My other DNF of the day was Pool View 2 by The Tapps, which I DNFed on the way into town and the way out, bummer!

8 - 14. Discouraged by the DNF, we headed into downtown to Mia's for a bit of geo-chat and pizza. Along the way grabbed several of the new Scooby Doo caches along our route. A favorite was Scooby Doo and the case of the Evil Monkey. It was a nice, fun jump and climb with the added bonus of finishing off the 1.5/4 D/T square for my Quad Fizzy. At lunch, we ran into several old friends including Nurse Pat & Pharm Team.

15. Cartman's Cache - GCNWK3, couldn't pass up the high terrain cache right along my path home. Ended up being a fairly quick PNG for me while the boys waited in the van. I always enjoy grabbing the older caches out there when I can so this one worked out on every front for me.

16 & 17. Grabbed a couple of quick solved puzzles for my neverending quest to 1K found ?s! These Harder Times & WSQ Tabernacle Cemetery were both quick and easy, which is a bonus when two of the lil hippies were napping in the van and the third was tired.

18. GC1WFDG took me a few minutes, but eventually yielded. This one fills in the "G" spot for me on the Bigger Bowl of Alphabet Soup Illinois Challenge: GC3WZ7Z.

19 & 20. The last two stops of the day were PNGs at Park & Rides; The Nagawaukee Park N Hide and Pseudo Park n Ride. A great way to end a fun day of caching to and from Waukesha.

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