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Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Hippie Fools Day 2012 Run

So the boys and I headed out on an April Fools adventure to Watertown and the Happy Hippie Fools Day 2012 Run was born. Spent a couple of hours caching around town and ended the day with 45 finds, no DNFs & 1 TB to move plus we ran into Hearty Soles while working on GC32Y7N. It was a great day to be out, filled with some country road PnGs, some parks in the city where the boys could play, WSQs, a few tricky nanos & a lot of fun.

Still have a bit of work to do in cleaning out the area, including most of the puzzle caches in town and a few more evil little nano hides. I'll have to make plans for another trip out to clear out the remaining 25 or so caches around Watertown. Although I do want to wait and tackle GC11PJ3 for a milestone. It looks like a lot of fun and hopefully I can assemble a group to watch my insanity as I try and tackle this one.

This is TB3DEPB Odgi's Voyage, which has presumably been missing since the summer of 2010. I just pulled him out of a cache container that has been sitting in my basement for the last several months! It seems that he somehow managed to escape Roehl-Carver Park where he was listed and make his way into the final for my very first hide. No one ever logged him into the cache or discovered him while he was there. Probably because the coin part is so small that it just looks like swag. Anyways, several months back, I had removed the original container and replaced it. After glancing in the jar and seeing the logbook and a bunch of swag, it had gone to the workshop. There poor Odgi languished until today when I decided to repurpose the container and as I was looking through the stuff inside, I spotted the coin and saw that there was a tracking code on there. I find it kind of ironic that the boys and I actually found the cache where this was listed when we were at the Happy Hollow Event last year and left a note stating that the coin was gone, and then he he ends up with me after all.