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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 - And we're back!

Sorry everyone for the long absence, this summer has been crazy busy and everything just kind of got away from me. There's been so much to talk about; Cache Ba$h, caching vacation along the North Shore of Superior, milestones, WGA Picnic, challenges & series, pathtags it just goes on and on. I will try to post again soon about some of the aforementioned topics, but this post will be dedicated to our fun caching weekend.

Recently, I've started working on filling in my geocaching blackout more seriously. In the last week, I've managed to grab 8 new D/T combinations while hitting some amazing cache locations. There was a trip to Magnolia Bluff Park, Devil's Lake & an unexpected run-in with a geobuddy in downtown Madison. Magnolia Bluff is one of the oldest caches near my home location, it was placed 4/8/01 and was a near perfect experience. We collected a handful of caches on the way to the park, including finishing up the WSQ B&B Series, and then had a lovely hike on a beautiful day to this historic cache. An ammo box in the woods is one of the best feelings you can get. To make it even better, I found a TB that was listed as missing in the cache - back on the road Tisha Chicken (TB33QEC)

Saturday included a trip to Devil's Lake with the geo-monkey pirates, hikingmonkey (my wife), FoxSpeed (sister-in-law) & tennis pro (father-in-law & wife). We spent an absolutely gorgeous fall day hiking, picnicing & geocaching around the park. Even though I only hit 4 caches there, 3 of them were new D/T combos and we rescued 2 geocoins from the black hole of missing trackables that is Devil's Lake. One of the caches we did was the EarthCache Holes in the Devil, GC1YDTJ , on one of my favorite trails. Some of the other hikers we saw must have thought we were insane doing this with our kids, but everyone made it to the top eventually!

On Sunday, after parent/child yoga in the morning, we loaded the gang up and headed to Hartford for the 10-10-10 event. Even though I would have loved to go after some of the 20+ new caches available at the event it was not to be. We did get to enjoy the weather and some free ice cream before heading to Wauwatosa, I had to force myself to drive past many great caches that I would have loved to hit, but we were on a clock. I'm looking forward to getting back to the area to do the Return to Oz series before it is archived as well as continuing work on Battleship and Eight Tiny Reindeer.

Hope you got a chance to help set the record for number of cachers logging a cache today!