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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adventures in the cold & ice

We finally managed to get out and break in 2013 with some caching this weekend! Although the weather was windy and cold, the troops managed to fight through and from Fri-Sun we managed 20 finds and a handful of DNFs.

Fri: The afternoon saw us touring around the Delafield/Waukesha area while grabbing a select few caches. I managed to avenge my previous DNF on Sisyphus. Turns out that I had the right idea the first time, but didn't follow it through to the conclusion. We also grabbed a challenge in the area, got some LCG points and managed a FTF in Palmyra on the way home, GC43QPQ.

Sat: Saturday was a roadtrip up to the Stevens Point area for the 4th Annual Sweet Treats event. This makes our 3rd birthday celebration that we've made it to and it's always fun to help Pat & Becky enjoy their birthdays. While in the area, I managed to knock the 5/1 off my Cheesy Well-Rounded list with Wazeecha Walking Trail, which is a cool hide, although it was in need of some TLC when we found it. We stopped off in Wautoma on the way up to try and grab a couple of challenges, but ended up with DNFs on both of them. Will probably have to wait for warmer weather before I make another attempt on those.

Sun: Finally we managed to knock the Johnson Creek woodpecker series off our list, this has been 3 years in the making! Assembled a great group for our river trek; Lord Cadogan, tick27, chevyole & Scribble Scribe along with the lil hippies. The weather was perfect, not windy but still cold enough that the ice was in great shape. A great series of caches and when we got to the final, we were worried that it was MIA. Finally after much searching for GZ and even more poking and prodding, chevyole came up with the ammo box buried in the dry rot in the tree. One sled ride back to the parking area for the boys and our day was complete!

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