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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Assault on Badfish

So with the weather becoming nice for part of last week, the boys and I headed out to Badfish Creek Wildlife Area to do some caching and hiking. This is such a beautiful area and it seems to be somewhat overlooked by cachers. Well, I guess we'll have to see what we can do to change that.

I think that I ended up walking just over 5 miles while hunting down 4 caches scattered across the property. Interspersed on our journey, we hid 4 new caches as well. I have to admit that by the end of the day, I was sore and tired from lugging my pack along with the two boys. Uff!! Definitely worth the effort though as the kids enjoyed walking along the creek and then hunting through the brush to make the find on an ammo can.

I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a decent place to cache near Madison check it out. Of course, the weather was a prime factor in making that trip so enjoyable. I had to head out in the freezing rain today to replace one of the caches. Grabbed the geodogs and we trucked it about 2 miles to GZ and back to the geomobile. Not the worst weather to cache in, but there was quite a bit of standing water that we had to navigate on the way in. Of course we found a drier, easier way out but that's life. Of course the dogs loved it and have been crashed out on the couch ever since we got home.

Friday, March 11, 2011

State of the Cachenation

Welcome back everyone, time to take a look at the state of things for Team Hopp Geocaching! Before the new year started, I set a few goals for myself:
1. Hit 1000 caches by my 1 year cachiversary
2. Finish Rustic Road Challenge
3. The Triad
4. Collect counties/DeLorme pages
5. Fill in D/T grid
6. Take caching streak to triple digits
7. Keep having fun with the family
8. Make the Texas Tamale Cache Run a reality

1. I'm well on pace to hit 1000 before May and have completed all the requirements for the Wisconsin Alphabet of Place Challenge, GC1NZNF. This should be a fitting milestone for 1K to look at all the places that geocaching has taken us.

2. Haven't really put much into this one because unfortunately the few I did go after this winter were buried or inaccessible. Planning to wait for warmer weathere to start making some roadtrips and pick these up. I am looking forward to grabbing the final at the 2011 WGA Campout at Hartman Creek, GC2PJZW.

3. Still trying to get a definite timeframe from the wife for this one. Her sister lives in Portland so it's only a matter of time before these are mine!

4. Managed to grab about a dozen new counties in Wisconsin, along with Iowa & Illinois so far. Slowly but surely picking up my counties and pages. Hopefully, I'll be attending MOGA and manage to work on my IL DeLorme while on the way down. I also have plans to grab KY while I'm down there. Lately I've been working on my Jasmer Challenge and right now I only have 20 spots left to finish that up.

5. During the winter months, I was able to fill in a good number of T5 squares along with some others. Currently, I still have 18 spots to fill and most of those are within reach. Just need to solve a few D5 puzzles and walk on water to finish these up!

6. I managed to run my caching streak from 9/26/10 to 2/3/11 and it probably would have kept going if not for my wife's car ending up in the shop during the Snowpocalypse. No car meant no caches for a couple of days, but 131 days is a good enough streak for me.

7. Done! Still having a ton of fun with geocaching. The boys enjoy going out almost every day and we even manage to drag mom along once in a while.

8. Me, the wife, 3 kids under 4 including a newborn, spicy Mexican food and a 1000 mile road trip. What could go wrong?

So far in 2011, I've hit 3 milestones (700, 800 & 900); 6 events in WI & MN; completed and found 3 more challenges. All in all it has been a wonderful start to the new year. Here's looking to many more fun caches in the coming months.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Streaking to Triple Digits!

Happy New Year everyone!

To start off this new year, I've been busy discovering the joys of winter caching while carrying my cache-a-day streak to 100! My thanks to everyone that has winter-friendly and kind of winter-friendly caches out there for me to chase down. It's been a crazy trip chasing down WSQs, ECs, virtuals and anything else that strikes my fancy. What started out back in September as a short streak managed to take on a life of it's own. It's a good thing that there are so many caches around Madison!

During these last few months, I've discovered that I am addicted to Challenge Caches. I really enjoy having something to work towards while I'm tracking down caches. Although at the moment, I'm working on about a dozen different challenges which can make selecting which caches to go after a challenge all its own.

Here are my favorites that I'm working on currently:
GC1JMFGDeLorme Challenge: Unique Natural Features
GC2HW2QIt's Not About the Traditionals - Challenge Cache
GC23R28Ivory-billed Woodpecker Challenge
GC2D6N8Wisconsin Classic Rocks, Hikes & Hides Challenge
GC2C4J0Wisconsin Rustic Road Challenge

Here's looking forward to many more caches for 2011! Hope everyone has fun out there.