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Monday, July 5, 2010

Cache Grab: Ep. 8 (6/24/10 - 6/30/10)

We had a busy caching week, finally hitting the 100 find milestone. Over the weekend, the boys and I made it to an event at Carver-Roehl Park. It was a lot of fun and even though the forecast called for thunderstorms, it was a beautiful afternoon. We got to play in the park and enjoy a barbeque along with meeting quite a few local cachers. CommanderUSN, WStemple, Bushwhacking Queen, rcflyer2242, wingwalkers, NursePat, GeoJorg, RLR x2 and The Professor of the EcoRangers were just a few of the people that we got to meet. I also managed to grab an EarthCache at Miller Park while we were in town for the Brewers & Mariners game. Afterwards, we took a detour to a TB Hotel and dropped some travelers for a vacation to the Scottish Mega Event. Thanks a ton Cache_boppin_BunnyFuFu for giving them a lift! Lastly, I managed to introduce both my little brother and sister to geocaching, we'll see how it goes. The master plan is to convert all of our family from Muggledom to caching addicts.

This week's successful trips:
79. Roads End
80. ECL720
81. CLR209
82. A Silver Box for CommanderUSN's 1000 Smileys
83. '69' Easy Dead End Cache
84. Rock and I-Beams
85. Sugar River Prairie Cache
86. WSQ Frenchtown
87. Swan Pond Kettle
88. Swan Pond
89. WSQ Bradford Cemetery
91. The Crossing
92. This Old Skavlem House
93. My First Cache - WSQ
94. HAST EarthCache: Changing Landscape
95. Return of Landsberg Center Travel Bug Hotel
96. WSQ Mt Zion Cemetery
97. Morningside PNG
98. Circle of Friendship
99. WSQ Top of the Hill
100. Kaching with Kids - Go West!
101. Hot Springs National Park - America the Beautiful
102. Grand Canyon National Park - America the Beautiful
103. Gettysburg Military Park - America the Beautiful
104. Madison's Hidden Creek Geocache!
105. Bambi is safe for another Season

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