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Monday, July 19, 2010

Cache Grab: Ep. 10 (7/8/10 - 7/14/10)

This week, the geo-pirates and I were out and about in every direction. We spent a day in McFarland clearing out a few of the caches left there, then we made a nice long road trip out to Lone Rock and Spring Green and another day was spent in Oregon picking up the caches there. Finally, there was a roadtrip down to Walworth County, which netted us another county for our challenge and a sweet Landsharkz Gecko coin to move along.

I have to take a minute to address a pet peeve of mine, logging promptly! So last Friday, we made a FTF run down to Iowa County after three new caches. After tracking down the first cache and opening the log, there were not one but two signatures on it already. So be it, but the second cache was also found by the same two teams and now on Monday (3 days later) they still haven't logged the FTF. I think that if you are going after an FTF or grabbing trackables, then it is your responsibility to log that as soon as you can. You have to know that other people go after FTFs and GC/TBs, so by not logging these timely it messes with other cachers plans and enjoyment. Grrr!

This week's successful trips:
131. TST: Pets Saving Gas
132. Vermont Pioneer Cemetary
133. Highland Oak Park
134. Playing and Laughing
135. Cedar Ridge Park
136. WRR96 - In the Valley of Nora
137. Small Town Bison - Utica
138. WSQ Ezra Holton
139. WSQ Oak Hill
140. WSQ - Dover Cemetery
141. Colorful Non-conformist
142. Western Escape
143. WSQ Cornerstone
144. WSQ Spring Green
145. Lone Rock History 2
146. WSQ Trinity Cactus
147. WSQ Button Cemetery 2
148. WSQ Unity Chapel
149. Farmer in the Dell #7
150. Hyde's Mill & the Old Mill House
151. Blue Mounds Fort - a WSQ?
152. "T"
153. WSQ Prairie Mound Cemetery North
154. WSQ Prairie Mound Cemetery South
155. A Joyous Bark in Bethel Park
156. WSQ A Tribute to my Parents
157. Gather at the Liberty Pole
158. WSQ Mt Hope
159. Do Horses Smile?
160. Nearly Batty

The Hyde's Mill virtual was a very interesting and peaceful place to spend a bit of time. I recommend you check it out if you haven't already.

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