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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cache Grab: Ep. 11&12 (7/15/10 - 7/28/10)

Today the geo-monkeys and I set a personal record. We grabbed two FTFs this morning, courtesy of rcflyer2242 and wingwalkers. Since we were up early and ready to go, we headed out west of Madison and managed to pick up the two new WSQ caches. This also helped keep my cache-a-day streak alive. Our streak is currently at 37 days and going strong, which also puts me well on pace to have the Cache Ba$h in West Bend be my 200th milestone.

I'm really excited for our very first Mega event and it's local to Wisconsin. This should be a lot of fun because it falls over my birthday weekend and we have a lot of friends in the area, one of whom is letting us crash at their house. I also recently found out that an old co-worker is an avid geocacher. He also caches with his son and we are planning a couple of group outings for our families.

This week's successful trips:
161. Pay It Forward: P-38 Rider
162. WSQ Jackson Cemetery
163. WSQ County Line Cemetery
164. WSQ Fayette Cemetery
165. Willow Springs
166. Fort Definace II
167. Henry Dodge
168. WSQ Cottage Grove
169. WCQ: Don't take life for GRANTed
170. Acewood Greenway - North
171. WSQ 1st Lutheran
172. Mr-Magnet
173. WaunaCache #5
174. Stuck at the Dead End
175. Another Padawan 1n The Oven
176. Bucky's Bike Trip
177. Leopold Legacy: October
178. Harriet Park
179. Leopold Legacy: May
180. Wayward Song
181. McCache
182. Shawnee National forest - America the Beautiful
183. Cuckoo's nest
184. PIF S.T.E.D. at Camp Turkey Feathers
185. Ice, Ice, Baby

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