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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wet Maze for Lacknothing's 10K!

Wow what a weekend this turned out to be; enjoyed the company of friends to celebrate a major milestone, the LCG event came and went, and puzzle caching R&R style. Even though we only ended up with 10 caches total, they were some really good ones and they all have some lasting memories to go with them.

Saturday started off on a great note, as after three years of working on it we finally grabbed the last cache needed for the WRR Challenge. Plans were made to meet up with Lacknothing and some others in order to celebrate their 10,000th find at Wet Maze 2.300, but WRR 72 was a mere 13 miles north and I couldn't pass it up. Since we were running a little early, I figured that we should cruise by and see if the road was plowed. I was a bit nervous of what we would find and visions of hiking the 1.5 miles down to the cache were haunting me. A stroke of good fortune showed itself and the road was plowed all the way to GZ. As we got closer, I spotted another van pulled off the road near where I though GZ would be. This is just too weird, it has to be a geocacher. Sure enough, it turned out to be redwingrr, and Sue was also headed to the maze so after chatting and signing in we headed down together.

This turned out to be my second lucky break of the day since upon arrival, I found out that she had talked to the guests of honor and that they were running late. Never fear, there are plenty of caches in the area, so we decided to head nearby and grab one of the Room 2 Roam caches. It was nice to take a leisurely walk through a nice natural area and find a big old cache at the end. It took just enough time to get back to Gallagher Marsh and pull in behind Lacknothing & Hitwoman. After a quick chat with the CO (JimandLinda), we headed into the marsh confident we would have the coordinates to tackle the wet maze soon.

Finally, the epic journey to 10000 began. Slowly but surely we (Lacknothing, Hitwoman, redwingrr & myself) began following that addictive little arrow. We were joking that the terrain wasn't that bad as we walked through a farmer's field only to hit a ditch and sink up to our waists. Then it was into the frozen cattails, almost a half mile of them. One step we be up on top of the snow and the next we would break through and sink a couple of feet. Onward we headed until finally we got down under a tenth and GZ appeared to be a spot somewhere in the cattails. No beacon, nothing to draw us in. Oh well, let's go! Once we arrived at GZ, a quick find was made and a lot of celebrating and photo taking ensued. A great big congratulations to Lacknothing for making it to 10,000 finds, very impressive!

After our adventure, it was off to the WGA Lonely Cache event at Horicon Marsh Nature Center. We had a great time chatting with friends from around the state and taking in some of the beautiful sights and cool stuff at the center. The boys enjoyed snacks and playing with the other kids and then passed out on our ride home.

Sunday dawned freezing cold, but I was bound and determined that today was the day we would conquer Tour Le Lac, and I'll be damned if I didn't make it happen. We hit the ice and made short work of the first couple of waypoints, but after about 3/4 of a mile, the boys were cold and unhappy and we still had quite a long way to go. I was pretty disappointed to have to call it on this adventure, but luckily with a little common sense and ingenuity, we were able to drive near enough to finish off the waypoints and calculate out a workable final GZ. I'll admit to a fair bit of trepidation as I headed there, but thankfully after a quick search, the find was made. Unfortunately, the code numbers for the Tricachelon final were not in the container so now I have to try and track them down. A couple of other Renzo and Rocky puzzles around town made it a perfect day.

Also this weekend, I received an invitation to join a group (Sevencards, ruff54 & Youngins3) in tackling the Kiel River Firefighter series this upcoming weekend. I've begun planning out a route and looking at caches that will help me finish off some of those challenges out there. I can't wait, should be a blast!

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