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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

Who doesn't love Valentine's Day? Kick back, enjoy yourself, find some sounds perfect! My sweetie had to work, so I got to go out and play with the lil hippies for a bit.

A little pre-Valentine's fun on Tuesday allowed me to avenge a previous DNF, grab a couple more caches and sign in on the State Name Challenge. The day itself brought two unique and exciting finds. First, I managed to make the trek out and grab the last of the Cacher's Playground traditionals in Mt. Vernon. Secondly, and more importantly though I was able to get my hippie scribble into The Corps of Discovery thanks to the help of the caching monkey himself, lagrac! I've been following this traveling cache for over a year and a half as it made its way around the country. During my vacation out to Portland, I missed seeing it in Ornith's hands by about a week and then saw that it had broken trail back into MO and IA. These are such cool caches and I really wish that the majority of them hadn't been shut down. Hopefully, I'll cross paths with Lewis & Clark again in the future!

Our post-Valentine fun saw the boys and I spending an entire Saturday following in the footsteps of zuma!, Kspud & TeamHoneybunnies as we cached through NE Illinois and SE Wisconsin working on several different challenges. This may have been the first in a series of Super Challenge Caching Saturdays that we partake in. Progress was made on the Cheesy Well-Rounded, Unique Natural Features, Cheesy Four Corners, Population Center & Quad Fizzy challenges. I also managed to make stops to grab the finals for GC43K79 & GC266J4.

Now it's time to finish up my list for our ski trip up to White Cap Mountain, where I hope to finish up almost all of my remaining Wisconsin counties and DeLorme pages. Four days of caching the Northwoods are on tap, with an extensive list of LCG, challenge & high terrain caches to enjoy. Look forward to an in-depth, play-by-play of the weekend when we get back!

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