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Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Intro to Team Hopp Geocaching.

Say Hi to the team; nhopp22 (Nikki), kungfuhippie (August) and the L-Star Pirates (Luke & Liam). We've just recently taken up geocaching as a family hobby and I'm planning to use this blog to chronicle our achievements, adventures and all things geocaching. Since there are so many different aspects of the hobby, I will try to spotlight what each of us enjoy throughout. Although there are vast hordes of the unenlightened i.e. Muggles, geocaching has been around for 10 years. So if you enjoy getting out and exploring beautiful, natural locations I would recommend checking out the main geocaching website: to learn more about it. We'll see you on the trails.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Cache Grab: Ep. 1 (5/1/10-5/5/10)
So Tuesday morning, before the wife had to go to work, we set out to find our first cache. A nice, kid-friendly location that was close to home for us. After a minimal amount of time wandering through the park we achieved victory. A box full of goodies for Liam to check out. This isn't so bad, I think we're getting the hang of it. Since Wednesday is the wife's day off, we planned to spend the afternoon out hitting some caches and enjoying the weather. So off we head to walk the dogs, you know work before play and all. Well wouldn't you know it there's a cache hidden right in the neighborhood we are walking dogs in. Okay troops let's get this one. So after wandering around for quite a while and getting ready to call it quits, we meet Chuck. Chuck is a very nice elderly gentleman who pointed us in the correct direction to find our cache. That was a very well hidden micro cache. Once that was all said and done, we ended up at a nearby park for a mile and a half hike to the cache site. Along the way we lost one of Luke's socks, later recovered on the way out of the park, were buffeted by hurricane force winds, and stomped through a marshy grassland in flip-flops but ultimately the cache was located. Inside were quite a few interesting swag items as well as a couple of Travel Bugs. We left everything as it was and hiked our way back out to the car. Everyone was thoroughly exhausted, but ready for more adventures.

This week's successful trips:
1. Blackhawk Park
2. Simply Simple
3. Leopold Legacy: January

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Cache Grab: Ep. 2 (5/6/10 - 5/12/10)
So between inclement weather and a busy schedule, we only managed to grab one new cache this week. My oh my though, it was definitely a good one. The whole gang made it out to the Ice Age Trail near our house on Mother's Day. We had beautiful weather and found our little goody box without too much trouble. Then we spent a nice afternoon at Nana's house visiting with Abbey and Jason.

This week's successful trips:
4. Leopold Legacy: September

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