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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stumbling upon letterboxes!?

So curiously, in the last week or so, we have stumbled upon letterboxes while searching for nearby geocaches. I thought it was a little odd that this would happen, but I guess there isn't anything stopping people that do both from placing them on top of each other. What do you guys think of this? Let me know!

The first one we found was while doing the Wherigo cache, Joey of Warner Park GC1ZFNY. When I was about 60 feet from GZ, I spotted what looked like a muggled cache in a tree stump. The bag and log as well as some other bits of junk were strewn about. When I looked at the logbook, on the cover it stated that it was a letterbox and who the owners were. I sent an email and it appears that this letterbox may have been muggled quite some time ago (and dumped in the woods?)

Then a couple of days later when working through Two Ponds GC10E7E, a very nice multicache, found a second letterbox. Once I arrived at GZ, I found the cache container lying out in the open. I signed the log, grabbed a geocoin and placed it back hidden much better. Then I spotted a camo lock and lock, looked inside and it's a letterbox. It was literally sitting less than a foot away from the cache.

Personally, I think this is a bad situation because people that are searching for the letterbox may muggle or destroy the geocache or leave it unconcealed. I hope that maybe at some point, the powers that be of these two activities can make some sort of arrangements to avoid situations like this. Based on what I saw in the two letterboxes that I've found, I'm glad that I'm a geocacher!

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